Who is the real Veronica Marcello?

Cultural Triggers


That’s a fake person, but a combination of the most popular female & male names to win a Cannes Lion according to the data that was done by Daniel Bonner, Global Chief Creative Officer, Razorfish & Will Sansom, Director Contagious Insider, Contagious Communications.

So then, in their discussion entitled Cracking the code of creativity at Cannes Loins 2016 they use data intelligence to go through the past 15 years of award winning creative from the Cannes Loins archives to help us learn more about the future of our industry. I was impressed by the results.

What I found from listening to this discourse is that if Veronica Marcello was a real person who ran an agency she would not be able to crack the code of creativity, because the end result of all the data science discovered that there is NO code of creativity but a Code of Principles.

The real Veronica Marcello’s agency doesn’t need a big budget or a big agency, or a strong economy to win! What she needs is to invest in creativity and a set of creative principles that are proven by data science because great creativity is not exclusive. In addition, you must have a long term relationship with clients. The data showed that a 10+ year client agency relationship experienced 2x the average win rate.

However, if there was a Veronica Marcello agency. Here is what you will see when you enter the agency.

The Veronica Marcello Agency Principles (backed-up by hardcore data science)

1. No more excuses
It doesn’t matter about budget, location, company or client—great creativity is within reach of us all.

2. Invest in relationships
Great creativity may not cost money, but it does require an investment of time, bravery and trust.

3. Kill the Rockstar culture
Creativity is a reflection of company culture—make yours open, inclusive and free from ego, it wins more awards.

4. Play nicely with others
Modern creativity demands collaboration—internally and externally—so make sure you know your strengths and play to them.

5. Face the Facts
Crunch your data to discover the important truths worth acting on

As I reflected on this discussion and looked at my agency. I see room for improvement. This improvement can be summed up by a quote from contagious pioneers. They said, and I quote: “We have created an agency where our capabilities are built into the organization more then individuals.” — Contagious Pioneers.


Written by: Jimmy Wardlaw, Jr., Chief Creative Officer, C/W/I/P, [cee-whip] digital agency