What we do

The Modus POV  is Content Darwinism; only the most relevant (strongest) content will breakthrough, rise above the clutter and move the needle for the bottom line of your brand.

Our Modus Content Lab has two areas of focus;

Content Audits: We analyze and interpret all your brand messaging currently in the market; we consider display, social, call center, CRM, direct mail, mobile, search, broadcast, print, experiential and email touch points in the content audit.

Digital & Content Strategy: It’s driven by the data from the content audit, as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd party audience insights for segmentation purposes. The Digital and Content Strategy will clearly spell out which relevant topics the brand should speak to and what the media ecosystem looks like for each audience segment. This is the Blueprint!

Our quick-turn Operandi Studios produces good, fast content inexpensively;

Customer-centric Content Production: Based on the digital learnings from the content audit that were built into the strategy, we’re now ready to brief our creative and development teams to start producing content for clients to approve like;

  • Long and short arc digital videos
  • Targeted Podcasts
  • Targeted Social Engagements
  • Email (targeted campaigns and
    targeted newsletters)
  • Segmented Blogs
  • Gamification Apps
  • eBooks
  • Chat App & SMS native experiences
  • Geo-targeted, segmented offline experiences that drive to owned media
  • PR, paid amplification and re-targeting for top performing content
  • Influencer Marketing

All neatly housed under the C/W/I/P roof with our other well class digital marketing capabilities like:

  • Digital Strategy &  Brand Planning
  • Branding
  • Social Engagement
  • Creative & Design
  • UX/UI & Development (web, mobile, social)
  • Media Planning, Programmatic Buying
  • Marketing Automation & eCRM Strategy
  • Measurement, Analytics and Optimization

Although C/W/I/P is a very well rounded digital agency, our primary focus is content. We deliver content development, content strategy, quick-turn content production in multiple formats, distribution, measurement and brand learnings for future considerations.