The Idea of Disruption.

Cultural Triggers


Biggie Smalls disrupted the rap game like Beats is doing with the headphone industry.

In business, disruption is a radical change in an industry, business strategy, etc., especially involving the introduction of a new product or service that creates a new market. So then, the idea of disruption has been around as long as mankind has been in existence on this Earth; however, it’s been elusive.

The idea of disruption is important to us because we create the business strategies that cause it! It’s absolutely necessary for serious businesses to understand in order for you to survive during this time of rapid advance technology you will need a game plan to survive, because globalization and the rapid advance of technology are major causes of business disruption right now in 2016 and will trend on into the future of business.

To understand the importance of this let’s go back to what I said at the outset. Biggie Smalls disrupted the rap game like Beats is doing with the headphone industry. Think about what you were doing back in the Summer of 1994. If you were sipping on Private Stock while reading Word-Up Magazine. You had heard or was listening to Juicy (The Notorious B.I.G. song). A verse in the song was the start of his disruption of the music business. He said, “you never thought Hip-Hop would make it this far”… he disrupted the game with that one line and according to Rolling Stone, “almost single-handedly… shifted the focus back to East Coast rap”.

Now let’s shift our focus to Beats by Dr. Dré. The idea for Beats was the brainchild of Andre ‘Dr. Dré’ Young and Jimmy Iovine. Their disruptive idea was based on a simple examination of what’s happening to the listening experience of listening to music. Beats wanted to restore the art of listening to music. They found the white space within the headphone industry and laid claim to it. They did what Bose couldn’t do, i.e., move at the speed of culture!

The speed of culture is always happening right now. What’s the best way to move at the speed of culture? Animate, your experience!  Animation frees you up to move at the speed of culture and disrupt the game.

This was at the heart of the Beats disruption strategy, and why the brand is perceived to be cooler than Bose. They used animation in a marvelous way to connect and move at the speed of culture. The Beats Pill is their cultural trigger that disrupted the game! Animation brought life to this line of portable, Bluetooth speakers. Brilliant!

Because all brands behave differently it’s important to have a quick strike team that can animate your experience on the fly. In order for your business to move at the speed of culture your business needs to create things that are messages and behaviors. I’ll discuss that at a later date.

*Artwork by: Dwayne “Dubelyoo” Wright

Written by: Jimmy Wardlaw, Jr., Chief Creative Officer, C/W/I/P, [cee-whip] digital agency