S.S.C. that Single Skeptical Client

Cultural Triggers


We’re always presented with the single skeptical client. First, let’s define skepticism. In the sense of what our experience and interaction with people—it’s the doubt or unbelief with regard to whether or not we can position your brand within your consumers culture with digital content. Moreover, in our experience we believe the S.S.C. has been misinformed about what a well rounded digital agency does. We’re doing our upmost to share our expertise to simply explain what it is we do; however, in this game actions speak louder than words. Hence the reason most agency show their work. We’ve challenged every S.S.C. that we’ve come across to challenge us to show them what we can do with their content; however, by the time we get the opportunity to do this. The S.S.C. has already spent their valuable money on the value of mediocrity, that’s an oxymoron because we all know that mediocrity has no value. We’re here to pull your content out of the jaws of mediocrity and provide you with a content audit that is positioned with a philosophical anthropological approach, meaning: we position your content in front of a crowd that enjoys what you have to say. Can’t you see the change in the culture we live in today? We snack all day long on whatever tastes good to us. At Cee-Whip we put snackable content on the end-caps for digital media consumption. If you or someone you know needs their brand pulled out of the jaws of mediocrity let us know. We understand that what we do is not understood by the masses, and because of that we’re asking to be challenged by you that single skeptical client. Please excuse my gallant delivery! BoomShakalaka …

Written by: Jimmy Wardlaw, Jr., Chief Creative Officer, C/W/I/P, [cee-whip] digital agency