#NIMBLEQUIRKYZANY…Say That Three Times Fast!

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We are a well rounded digital agency with very agile content capabilities. So then, I figured I would keep this short and have a little fun with a humorous meme.  #nimblequirkyzany

With the SB50 behind us and much to talk about the ads amongst other stuff. I would like to share a particular takeaway to help illustrate my point around a piece of added value. I’ll keep it short I promise.

The use of humorous memes were one thing that stood out to me this year more than ever. From Beyonce’s performance to Cam Newton’s press conference. You could not hide from a good laugh.

Even if I had not seen a commercial or some of the events to understand the relevance, seeing a meme and having various conversations with friends and family eventually led me back to the origin or the brand. So, um yeah…Eureka! That is the point. Told you I was going to be #nimblequirkyzany!

Yes, they have been around for about  20+ years or so, but with content being oh so popular now they have become that piece of content that can evolve a simple message into a viral message for a brand, thus adding value.

Moral of the story—meme’s are effective and versatile ideas in the form of video, images, parodies, jokes, etc. being deployed over the internet, resulting in viral sharing across social channels. In my opinion, they are just zany inspirational ammo to drive engagement and/or cultural expressions that communicate an experience that most people can relate to. It is what we refer to as triggering Dopamine and Oxytocin in the brain. Just look how more brands are now taking advantage of this to elicit an emotional response from their targeted human. Showing their audience a little authenticity, while driving backwards to their goal or objective.

Hope you enjoy our humorous POV to the world.

Written by: Nesby Ingram, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, C/W/I/P, [cee-whip]