FYI: Big Global Brands we embrace the trust & verify approach.

Cultural Triggers


C/W/I/P [cee-whip] is a nimble agency doing a style of content that the vanguard quickly recognizes as new and exciting. To set the record straight we deeply believe in the trust and verify approach.

Now that American ad agencies are being accused by their clients of having secret agendas. We’ve been moving against the grain of main stream America for sometime now. The eclectic digital creative content we sell is for everyone that understands the pure play of a digital agency. But you see in the midst of an industry of empires we’ve still made some noise of our own. Now with these accusations floating around our industry it’s our wish that big global brands like Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, General Motors and AT&T start to open their eyes and see the small agency that are doing good for the entire industry. However, we’re responding to these findings from ANA as many of the other agencies are doing. We argue that the accusations should have been made on an individual basis or as a collaborative effort as to not condemn our nimble agency that does embrace the trust and verify approach from our clients.

Written by: Jimmy Wardlaw, Jr., Chief Creative Officer, C/W/I/P, [cee-whip] digital agency