Fashion and Agency Life Make Lovely Babies.

Cultural Triggers

As we gear up for the fall the one thing we talk about is fall fashion trends. Fashion and Agency life makes for lovely Babies. I started out my college major as a Fashion Illustrator and always try to stay with the trends. The current fashion trend got me to thinking about how brands can leverage this newest trend of Military Chic in a way to reach more consumer’s.

The challenge for us would be finding a brand brave enough to adopt this type of demo-neutral content strategy. We would need the raw material of the brands lifestyle and it’s tone of voice. This is the new birth of that lovely baby.

Moreover, if brands follow the trends of Fashion they will do well to give birth to new ways to reach their consumer. Let’s use the newest trend of Military Chic for instance. At the core of this is the idea of being “Fierce”. The bomber jacket is the top trending item within the Military Chic theme, according to Google trends this jacket is evolving and taking on new forms. This is much like what the Members Only (fashion brand) jacket did back in the fresh 80’s.

What is more, is that even the cartoon network highlighted this “Fierce” aspect of a jacket. Check out this episode 9 of We Bare Bears.

Did you notice how the jacket changed their perception and luck. In the agency we use this episode to illustrate the point of how “Fierce” your consumer can feel if you are brave enough to give them a jacket or demo-neutral content that tells your story in a way that highlights your American grit. Budweiser’s newest commercials are in this demo-neutral content space; however, we can see where they can improve.

Brands have a responsibility to become the “Fierce” leader in their space. We’re here to help brands do just that. It’s time for brands to tap into this new seasonal trend by using demo-neutral content strategies that connect with consumers via cultural references that provide an opportunity to engage a bigger audience.

Written by: Jimmy Wardlaw, Jr., Chief Creative Officer, C/W/I/P, [cee-whip] digital agency