Reaching beyond cloud computing.

Meso Data

branding design // ux design // web development // mobile first

MesoData, is a successful technology company focused exclusively on providing businesses a way to keep their digital information safe & secure by off-site replication of the data to their tier two data center. They asked us to create a mark that best describe their idea of putting all of your data and cloud resources, in one big computer. We found it to be a brilliant way to have all your apps run together on the same machines—reducing complexity and waste.

Project Brief

The concept is based off of our Earth’s mesosphere, which is the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere that is directly above the stratopause and directly below the mesopause. We didn’t reveal this, we implied it.

Lead typography // Windlesham Pro Bold

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We’re very pleased with how CWI+P went from concept through completion of our unique and identifiable look associated with our product. They taught us how a well-defined, well-designed brand imagery can produce big dividends for our company. // Bronson Krutz, VP of Mesodata