Entering the land of the giants.

Rural Broadband Service Corp, Inc.

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Rural Broadband Services Corporation, Inc. (RBSC) represents a “Little Guy” in the land of giants. Starting in 2013, RBSC set out on a mission in constructing and operating its broadband service to serve the under serviced areas of rural America. Their vision is to provide superior service while close the technology gap between urban and rural America.

In their quest to become successful in rural America, they have a unique set of tools to help with their vision. RBSC utilizes Rapid Deployment Technology, FCC wireless spectrum licenses, 100% fiber optic gigabit networks and shared Infrastructure for broadband and smart grid applications. As a result, RBSC’s systems provide first class, high-capacity, point-to-point, high-speed broadband services including voice, data and video services to commercial customers in rural America.

RBSC wanted to achieve and create a level of trust in the community, have superior service offerings and communicate it capabilities. Ultimately creating brand value and customer loyalty amongst the customers.

Project Brief

When RBSC came to us, their brand did not exist. The only thing that existed was their plan and vision. It was clear we had a rare and wonderful opportunity to utilize an integrated branding communications strategy. The challenge was laying the foundation, developing a strong, scalable, and consistent brand message across analog and digital platforms from scratch. We understood the importance of this project and making sure we capture the brands message.

Research, develop, & design a comprehensive branding/id for RBSC, that communicated to its customers as being one of the leaders in providing data internet and voice for any Corporate Enterprise in a rural community.

Design & develop a responsive site that simply organizes information for friendly engagement, serve as inbound & outbound marketing platform (i.e. lead generation, advertising, communications channel), as well as incorporate enterprise business systems for internal management and customers use.

Integrate and manage all communications activities — such as PR, Advertising, Investor Relations, Digital or Internal Communications — to manage the company’s most precious asset – its brand. The work you see is only a snippet of what we do for them.

Lead typography // WindleshamPro-Bold // Crete-Thick

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"During the startup phase of our company we have seen the value in having CWI+P as our digital brand managers. In our increasingly corporate-driven society, CWI+P is successfully creating distinctive visual images and campaigns that continue to identify our brand." // Founder, RBSC