C/W/I/P helped to inspire Facebook communities.


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Helping a pharmaceutical company make the most of their Facebook communities can be a challenge. We took on this challenge and the company won the Award of Excellence from the Southeastern IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) for the strategy and creative execution for the Social Advocacy #Stories2Impact campaign.

Project Brief

To continue, what we learned from this is that pharmaceutical companies that have Facebook communities are always keeping their communities educated about what’s the latest story about break through discoveries in new medicine.

C/W/I/P [cee-whip] helped to inspire the Facebook communities by helping the communities share their story with their Representative in Congress; so that, they could affect real change of when and how new medicine goes to market.

#Stories2Impact and #LendYourStory were the hashtags chosen to lead the initiative. Facebook was the primary platform used to launch these amazing stories.

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