Big, bold, beautiful & its digital.

Bering Sea Gold

branding // visual design // digital media

In a town of Nome, Alaska Discovery, Channel’s television show the Bering Sea Gold depicts a group of individuals taking advantage of a gold rush. Mining the precious metal at the bottom of the bering Sea, one of the leading characters Emily Riedel the boat captain of “The Eroica” leads a team of individuals as they risk it all to take on the rigid and dangerous conditions of the sea to find gold.

We were approached by a Bering Sea Gold representative with an exciting opportunity to help assist the Bering Sea Gold brand in procuring merchandising opportunities with outdoor/active brands. The goal was to create a cross channel marketing strategy with these brands to reach an audience who had an appreciation for outdoors and an active lifestyle. The opportunity would bring on big brand sponsors that tie together active recreational channels in retail settings. As a result it would benefit multiple areas, creating new markets, cross branding, opportunities in revenue and exposure.

Project Brief

Big, Bold, & Beautiful … that describes the personalities of the cast of the Discovery Channels gold mining series, Bering Sea Gold. CWI+P was asked to create an analog and digital deck book that would be just as bold and beautiful as the show and its leading character. The pitch deck would be presented to corporate brands, so the challenge was to be different and create a layout and design that would encompass a simple, engaging, and interactive approach. Sifting through all the clutter, we put together a book that presented the material in a unique, attention-getting way, including interactive call to action buttons for the digital copy. The deck book is easy-to-read and illustrates how to design for quick impact, beautifully.

Lead typography // Akzidenz Grotesk // Proxima-Nova Soft

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"They wanted a pitch deck that would serve as the their presentation to communicate the the shows success and their ideas."