“The Golden Touch” awaits you.

Beauty Loft Spa

branding // strategy // visual design // ux design

The Beauty Loft Spa is a cosmetic image spa located in Atlanta, Georgia, that has a very modern look and feel. It’s a place to go to get beautiful. This is just the beginning of a great branded experience.

Project Brief

We were challenged to develop an idea for a luxury spa that is a unique rejuvenation spa that offers “The Total Package” from cutting edge skin care therapies, natural and glamor makeup applications as well as Xtreme® lash extensions. This particular project went through a lot of idea sketches before our client was satisfied, ensuring that it was “fabulous” enough to be their brand. Therefore, we deemed it important that this process of our idea development be shown. Our creative team, put a bit of fashion illustration talent to work; so that, our client could have an original one-of-a-kind brand identity. This process is something we share with our clients because our mission statement is as follows: We provide a transparently lit path to creative exploration in a classic and modern environment; all the while, developing and delivering well-crafted brands that rise above the clutter. Our client has mastered the art of creating the luxury experience for customers. So then, we’re making sure that all branded content conveys that the Beauty Loft Spa Brand is a unique au courant lifestyle luxury brand.

Lead typography // Avenir // Yonkers

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